Alright, so the highlight of this weekend (of which there were many) was getting this photo with Goldie at the SMOG party in Detroit (again, the man Drew Best coming through big), where for some reason, HE’S the one smiling and I’m the one throwing the screwface. But before I got to Detroit, I had to survive NYC, DC, and Columbus first:

First I had to make it through my obligatory visit to the Mishka office to say whatup to the bad man Shark, shown here not looking very badman like, holding the Mishka office guardian gargoyle (or is that a pomeranian?)

I then had to put up with Eliot Lipp explaining to me why he thinks brown colored underwear is the best. Something about how he never showers and he was tired of leaving all of his draws covered in shit. Sick fuck, just because you play hippie festivals doesnt mean you dont have to change your underwear on a regular basis!

I was then forced to buy up every bag of milanos in the CVS closest to the Trouble & Bass Klubhaus for my very intimidating agent. I also hungout with Beautiful Kids Dexter who once again, invited me to consume more bottles of vodkas than a normal healthy human being should consume at Southside. Needless to say, NYC is a fucking nightmare, I was real excited to get out of there and go to DC, where I encountered this:

An entire fucking bag of MSG that I had to pour into 10 beers and shotgun before I could DJ (THANKS ALOT TITTSWORTH) just kidding, I only had one drink that had MSG in it, it also had Makers Mark, some ginger ale, and sriracha in there too, dont fucking ask me, but it was delicious!

Also snuck backstage to flirt with Drop the Limes backup singers (I have a weakness for redheads) and got to shoot them warming up for the live show, which was FUCKING MAGICAL! I recommend you go see it if it ever comes to your town.

Also got to get this photo infront of the monument to the illuminati (shouts to the conspiracy theorist I met at the gas station in Dallas when it was announced that Osama Bin Laden was dead)