Some people cant wait for SXSW so they can see their favorite and up and coming bands/djs/producers in an intimate venue.  Those people are idiots, I cant wait for SXSW so I can go nuts on the best beef brisket I’ve ever had in my life.  Some people may disagree with me but I’ve eaten at Rudy’s atleast a dozen times, and at different locations mind you, and everytime the brisket is the same, FUCKING AMAZING.  Its so good I came here twice, the Nashville don Myrryrs even remarked that it was the best brisket hes had in his life (this makes up for him DJing for Ke$ha).



Now for the music, I got into Austin later than most of my friends (Friday) but was picked up by local man about town King Louie.  Myself and a good chunk of the T&B folks were supposed to play the Lose Control afterparty but it was shut down, which most of us didnt mind because it meant we could go support Drop the Lime at the Fools Gold afterparty that was in a MALL!   Heres a vid of Dracula the Lime dropping my new single BLOODRAVE at said party (nextdoor to a Wet Seal)





I ended up passing out on the couch at the Trouble & Bass frathouse and was awoken at 10am by Drop the Lime coming back from Starbucks with coffee and brownies for everyone and getting us outside to bash this pinata to amp us up for the raging that was to come:

Party started at noon and went til 7pm, so inevitably there was a lunchbreak, which provided this sweet photo op:



I was then given the coveted closing spot from 6:15pm to 7pm to close the party out, I can easily say it was one of the best shows of my life, heres some vids:



Check out that fucking pit!

What? You dont close your sets with bro hymn tribute? You’re fucking up!
Later that night I decided to tag along with the aforementioned King Louie to his Peligrosa party he does with the dude with the manliest beard DJ Orion at Franks. I’d seen Jubilee twittering about the party before and they had some pretty heavy hitters lined up to DJ (Dave Nada, Brodinski, Toy Selectah, Samo Soundboy, Brenmar etc) but holy shit was I not prepared for this party, first DJ I saw was a guy named DJ Dus who was STRAIGHT KILLING it with cumbia jams that had the 80% crowd of girls dancing. I also got to heard 3ball (or as Jillionaire likes to call it “Donkey Music”) out (man I’m late to that game) which I have to say I’m addicted to now. Best part about it is that while it is considered one of the new “hip ethnic” genres, the original following of Mexicans from Monterrey rock boots like these when they go listen to it in the club:

LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING BOOTS! And those things on his legs are lights powered by a battery pack in his pocket! So bonkers!
Next day I got to play the Smog party at 222 Club

Got stuck playing early due to the lineup being fucking bonkers but it gave me the opportunity to play jams like this one:

FUCKING TUNE, big ups to Numbernin6 for sorting me with that one, all you kids who think dubstep is only midrange aggression need to get to the roots and know that the shit is about being DARK and SUB BASS!
Didnt get many more photos due to being distracted by the amount of free whiskey shots we were able to finangle but AC Slater + Dell and Flinch were both SUPERB, I did also manage to get a photo of these broads getting MARKED backstage.

Big ups to Smog + Mad Classy crew for the big party!

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