Ultra Recap Part 1

Ultra week (and SXSW in Austin) in miami is a big excuse for DJs to get drunk with each other and let each other know how much we miss each other and love each others music.  Right?  Whatever, got into Miami on Thursday went straight to The Standard and saw too many of my old friends to mention, then I got to play this complete fucking rager of a party:


I gotta say, I didnt see most of the headliners in the main room play due to the overabundance of sweaty bros but amongst the people that I got to see kill it were: Jubilee, Supra1, XI, Untold, Roska, Flinch, and Dave Nada.   Friday we got to spend the day at a mansion party on one of the Venetian islands that is the first photo of this post, where I got a free haircut

then ran into Orgasmic, who around 3 years ago thought he cut my finger off by slamming it in a car door, footage of which can be found in the Institubes 2008 US tour video which is here: http://vimeo.com/909977

still got all my fingers and he still has the sweetest ponytail in dance music.

Also heres a video of Turtle dancing during Brodinski’s set, cameos by Zombies for Money and Jerome from LOLboys


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