Ultra Recap 2

Saturday night I got to finally go to the Overthrow Castle for this legendary party, I got there as my Sound Pellegrino fam was dropping hits and exclusives.  I got a pretty amazing timeslot right after Bart B More (who is a real nice dude, whats the deal with these Dutch guys being so chill, I’ll let you come up with your own theories) but got pitted against Samo Sound Boy (another dude who is killing it) who was playing the side room, needless to say as soon as I was done I ran straight over and danced to the last few minutes of his set.  Everyone who played totally killed it especially the final B. Rich + Udachi tag team where I’m pretty sure they only played their own tunes, SO BIG, those dudes are the absolute best.  Overall the party was awesome and I ended up drinking too much tequila and Prometheus Springs cocktails (big ups to Overthrow for having such great hospitality).


Next day I went over to the Catalina hotel to play for bass queen Reid Speed’s Play Me Pool Party.  I got there to find out that someone was playing too hard too early so they had to move the party to the lobby inside, where I found Udachi tagteaming with Canblaster (!!!).   I took this opportunity to play some shit I dont get to normally play (cumbia), found a throne, grabbed a mojito, and watched the hot latinas that worked at the hotel groove around.


Overall Miami was great, big thanks to my Trouble & Bass brothers and sisters, Smog crew especially Drew the Don, Overthrow fam, Johnny the Boy, and Reid Speed for letting me play their parties and take advantage of their hospitality.


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