First stop of the driving out west leg of the tour was in Hattiesburg Mississippi. I learned awhile ago not to underestimate playing in towns I’d never heard of/thought had a “scene” and this was no exception. Party got rammed and kids were really into the tunes, though I think I scared some of em with Fall of Man.

The venue was also pretty sick, apparently the owners parents own a scrap yard and he gets first picks of all the random cool shit people throw away, like that pillar in the first image that the speakers were sitting on. I also drank some bullshit ass moonshine that I found out after the fact they carry in liquor stores, BORING. Though the next day in New Orleans I had some amazing “Cat Daddy Moonshine” at a restaurant called Cochon, highly recommend.

Next stop New Orleans, probably my new favorite city in America in terms of how cool the whole city looks. There is seriously no city that I’ve been to in the world that looks like NOLA, makes me wanna move there if their airport didnt suck and it wasnt so fucking humid, CHECK OUT THAT FUCKING CAT BUILDING! The party itself was in a bar called The Saint, which is pretty rad as far as dive bar type joints go, the gig itself was ruined by a crazed 40 something year old fan who kept punching me and slapping me for a. not tweeting back at her b. not replying to her facebook messages c. taking a drink while she was trying to take a photo of me and i can only assume d. not wanting to sleep with her. Remind me to travel with a bodyguard.

Also got to talk some shit on WLUT for about an hour before I had to dj, I somehow managed not to curse or say anything too disparaging about anyone.

Love to the Rhythm Killers for the party!

The drive from New Orleans to Houston was made infinitely better by the presence of the daquiris we picked up in this sweet ass drive through. I somehow forgot to take photos in Houston, but I got to play in a converted firehouse that my comrade Drop the Lime recommended I try to play in. Party was pretty rad except for the fact that one of the opening djs played BLOODRAVE, seriously, locals/openers learn how to warm up a room, playing every banger in your crate, ESPECIALLY THE TRACK THAT THE GUY HEADLINING THE PARTY MADE, is a really fucking bad look, youre not impressing people, and promoters, QUIT BOOKING THESE PEOPLE TO OPEN. The sign of a great dj was exhibited by my old houston friend Damon Allen who played a sick techno set right before I had to go on. Also some killer djs playing some great Italo disco cuts out on the back area made me glad that people still give a shit about other music, so big ups to the Ceeplusknives crew in Houston for repping shit hard.

We drove the next 2 days from Houston to LA and the Naluark followed us, fucking prick, LEAVE ME ALONE!

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  1. How the fuck did you get lost, and end up playing my “college” town? Mississippi..*shivers*

    April 18, 2011 at 11:53 pm

  2. greg

    look at the blow valve on that naluark

    April 18, 2011 at 11:59 pm

  3. Time heals all wounds.

    April 26, 2011 at 10:15 am

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