The above photo has nothing to do with any of my gigs in LA but its a pretty funny photo of myself and my old roommate Paparazzi djing as “Los Loboz” for Cinco De Mayo a few years back (which explains the all over print and garishly colored headphones). What reminded me of this is one of the shows I played in LA was for The Electric Friends dudes at the Standard in West Hollywood, where I was booked to play under my christian name, Johnny Love. I got to play 3ball, cumbia, etc (under the umbrella term of dronkey music) to a bunch of drunk white women, which works exceedingly well because as I have discovered, that shit is like dubstep for girls. Put on some kind of latin-y percussion or rhythm and girls start going nuts, its like catnip for vaginas. My record as “Johnny Love” is coming out on T&A next month but 2 of the tracks on the forthcoming EP were featured on the Takeover compilation which you can listen to here:
Takeover by T&ARecords
Anyone who recently discovered me might be confused by the completely different tracks from Deathface that these are, but, I’m a DJ first and foremost (well, maybe a degenerate first and foremost, but thats neither here nor there) and if you only listen to one style of music you’re cheating yourself. Its like kids that say “i listen to everything but country” when country (pre nashville glam bs) is actually completely fucking awesome. Anyway, LA for 2 weeks was fun, I got to play hardstyle at an actual rave in downtown LA, got to play my favorite party in the country DANCE at the Arena, and didnt take any photos because I got too drunk every goddamn night and ended up throwing up in my friend car after making the mistake of ordering chicken florentine crepes at IHOP (wtf).

Decided on a whim to drive out to Palm Springs for the sunday T&B pool party at the Ace Hotel where the fucking Naluark followed me again, (I’ve seen that fucking squid 3 times on this trip, whats the deal). Also got to debut my confederate flag shorts at a pool party (previous appearance in Houston prompted a dude to tell my my shorts were offensive) where I got tons of compliments, including from 2 black dudes and I was photographed by Victorias Secret scouts who were there to document what was going to be “in” for next season, so keep an eye out for when the fight for states rights comes to a boutique near you, it will have been all my fault, if only I could find a photo of this shit, oh well, heres a photo of The Captain looking like a goblin in the hot tub for good measure:

Also if you ever find yourself inebriated past 2am in Los Angeles and feel the desire for some dim sum, go to Won Kok in Chinatown where you’ll be greeted by the man who Drop the Lime stole his haircut from. We all know, when you get that late night craving, Won Kok is all you need.

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    i need more than won kok thats for sure i will not be stopping at won kok

    April 25, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    • admin

      sounds like a personal problem

      April 25, 2011 at 11:01 pm

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