The first non festival tourdate was Richmond with some of my favorite dudes, the Audio Ammo crew. Right as I got into the city I realized that they had put me in a hotel next to a Sheetz. For those of you who dont know what Sheetz is, it basically has one of the most entertaining ways for a drunk person to order food, via touchscreen.

Afterword the bonuses keep piling up when I find out Alex has gotten me the 4 Magic: The Gathering booster parks that I have on my rider:

and then he takes us to one of the best dinners I’ve had a promoter take me to, where not only did they make the best dirty vodka martini I’ve ever had, but had an amazing cheeseplate (fuck you thats important). The party itself was fun, I ended up drinking beer out of a pitcher and playing hardstyle at the end:

Totally missed out on taking photos at the Confederate Whitehouse but did manage to find this little gem on the road:

keep your eyes peeled on this site for some cameos of the killer rebel swag I picked up here, I have a feeling it’ll go over well at my next gig this thursday in Mississippi.

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