I always have a good time when I go to Oklahoma City, somehow this town keeps producing kids I like, John Bourke, Chad from Kids at the Bar, Katie and Brian from Crystal Vision (I totally forgot the shirt you guys gave me on your couch, fuck, I also found a taco bell salsa packet in my boot the next morning). Anyway, Oklahoma City is great, I dont understand how it happened, but these guys have had a successful party for something like 4 years at a goddamn deli, and they just got a FunctionOne soundsystem put in there, in a deli, think about that. OKC is also where I debuted “Gift of Fury” after working on it while driving through the New Mexico desert (it cleared the floor) something like 2 years ago. As you can tell from the above photo, they came around to Deathface. I once again opened with an unreleased Deathface track and the reaction was 100% different. OKC also has War Paint Clothing which is one of the coolest stores I’ve been to, and once again, doesnt make sense that is in a place like OKC (though i guess it sorta does). Heres a photo of the proprietor Derrick:

Next was what feels like my second hometown, Kansas City, another place where alot of cool kids (Albert from Ssion/fire4effekt, Iggy/Norrit, Craig “The Only Jew In KC” Klein, Philip Beretta, BOTNET, etc etc) come from. It makes alot of sense that Google is choosing Kansas City to be its test market for the fastest internet ever because I feel like all my KC friends were somehow created on the internet and magically given physical form, and I get the feeling that they’re all still uncomfortable in their false skin. I also feel like these kids kept up the bloodline of my Jerkstore parties back in Chicago (along with Too Much Love in MPLS) so I feel like we’re all related, in a fucked up cousins sort of way. Unfortunately BOTNET no longer exists so I wasnt able to play that, though Tactic came through with a party at Czarbar and the BOTNET hivemind threw an after party in a theater after, where I was given a single poisoned Jolly Rancher by a rave fae that gave me the flu. Somewhere in there we stopped to get a burger at Town Topic, which employs literal OGRE WOMEN to take your order, heres a gratuitous photo of handsome Craig enjoying the last bit of his burger:

Next was Memphis, the site of another planned blood bath party where I’d already played twice for the ELECTROCITY dudes (who are awesome). First time I played in Memphis was last August where it was so hot I looked like I had gone swimming in my clothes after I was done DJing (thats fucking gross). Each time I’ve been there its been awesome, and this time didnt disappoint either:
There were kids chanting “WE WANT BLOOD!” and most of the kids were wearing white and when the blood was unleashed the first 6 rows of kids were doused. I’m glad that the blood bath theme has gone from my friends and I on stage covered in blood to the entire fucking crowd, also glad I didnt have to get covered in blood while I had the flu (pussy) and wash that shit out of my hair (diva). The promoters did a good job of letting the kids know what the fuck was gonna go down so everyone was ready and willing, I think it’ll probably make it easier for most of the parties I play to become blood baths after this. Next day we drove around flooded Memphis and passed this fucking thing:
I should’ve taken an irreverent photo infront of it. Next time.

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