Where were you when it was announced that Bin Laden was dead? (nevermind that hes probably been dead since 2002 and this is a whole big conspiracy theory that the illuminati have concocted in order keep us blinded to reality). I was eating tacos at a gas station in Dallas that was voted to have the best tacos in the state (or republic, depends how Texan you are). Best part about the whole experience was that a bum walked in and immediately gravitated towards me and instead of asking me for money, pointed to the Washington Monument behind Wolf Blitzer and said “do you know what that is?” “an obelisk” “yes its from egypt, the pharoahs are controlling the world, they are devil worshippers” and that was just the beginning of it, dude was way into conspiracy theories, love that guy. But speaking of tacos, lets rewind to the Friday before in Phoenix:

El Gallo Blanco (The White Cock) inside the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix has some of the best tacos I’ve had outside of Mexico, theyre so good I tell everyone go to there when they’re in Phoenix, I converted B.Rich to its deliciousness and went so far as to not talk to Jubilee for about a month after she spent a week in Phoenix and ignored both of us telling her to eat there. Pretty sure I didnt start talking to her again until she went back to Phoenix and actually did go have the tacos and tweeted at both of us saying that the tacos were the best shes ever had. I still dont like her because shes short, that weirds me out. Anyway, I played for old pal William Reed in Phoenix at Bar Smith, where I’ve played about 3 or 4 times and this time was the best one (THANKS WILLIAM!) Best part was that both William and I were both apprehensive about how the crowd would take a dubstep set, especially since Parallels has just played a live set (great nu italo biznizz), so he threw on a local kid who played electro bangers for 30 minutes to warm the crowd back up, then I go on and within 2 songs I see kids thrashing around and headbanging where 10 minutes earlier what they were doing could probably be best described as “gently grooving”. Things got wilder when I went into DnB (again, im hooked) so thanks to Phoenix for making me feel like an idiot for underestimating them. (I was joking about hating Jubilee I love her).

Back to Dallas, saw this fucking Naluark outside the club I was playing for the Broken Teeth kids, who also have the distinction of owning a real life Garfield who I forgot to take a photo of with a Stoffers Lasagna, oh well, maybe next time. Last time I played for a Broken Teeth associated party was during SXSW for the Trouble & Bass Showcase at Barcelona which was my favorite show of the year so far:

Got to spend 3 days with Mike and Jade from Broken Teeth where they made us eat a vegan cult restaurant where we had to watch propaganda on loop and dine under the potrait of the SUPREME MASTER:
Seriously though, this is the 2nd cult that I’ve encountered that encourages all its followers to be vegans, the first one was the I Am Temple which is totally fucked as well, I’m gonna start a BBQ cult, all you have to do is not order the McRib at Mcdonalds and know the differences between Memphis, KC, Carolina, and Texas BBQ and youre in. You also have to beat up vegans, no I’m kidding, I have plenty of vegan friends (jk). Dallas party was fun, though I had to suffer watching the Lakers lose against the Mavericks right before I went on. The next day we had a day trip to Austin because Crass was playing, which meant one thing for me: MORE RUDYS BBQ. Met up with King Louie and Orien from the Peligrosa fam, went to Rudys, then bar hopped til Mike and Jade got out of the Crass show and drove back to Dallas that night, on the way down I got this sick photo op:

dont be jealous

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