I love San Francisco a lot because its reminds me of Chicago, lots of good places to eat and have a good cocktail, but less fat people (also, alot more asians, nowhere is perfect). Didnt get to play in SF because I made the mistake of trying to work with a rave promoter up there (avoid it) but decided to head up to hang anyway so I could get down on my favorite burrito in the country (El Tesoro on leavensworth and o’farrell) and hangout with Sleazemore and fellow mall goth Star Eyes.

We spent 4 days eating and drinking, found an awesome bar in the Tenderloin called Mr. Lews Win Win Bar where I imbibed on many a fancy $7 cocktail of which contents I dont recall because I had too good of a time, though I highly recommend you go there if youre ever in SF. Also got to hit up an authentic goth party with Star Eyes where they actually played her request of Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection and I was forced to dust off the old goth kick dance that I learned from hanging out at Neo in Chicago when I still had to use a fake ID (dont judge me)

Still bums me out that most of the “Goths” (read: rivetheads) I see out in public are actually giant nerds that wear pants with too many pockets, though I did spot an awesome dude in an all PVC pseudo Nazi outfit, so jealous. Another cool thing is that I’m pretty sure that its the only subculture that doesnt judge you for dressing like a complete moron and dancing around like youre a 3 year old, as was evidenced when I saw some frat bros wander (in by mistake, catch the reference, cmon) into the club drunk, get on stage, and try to pop lock, everyone kept dancing around them like nothing was amiss. Anyway, enough of this bullshit and lets get to the actual show in Sacramento, which was fucking awesome:
I heard about this party from Jillionaire (who knows how he found out about it, he hates white people and therefore hates brostep, I think hes fronting so he can still bone white chicks, but I digress) who put me in contact with DJ Whores who runs this party and goddamn, this party was fucking BANANAS! (as is evidenced by the photo at the top of the post, check out that girls bass face!). Star Eyes and I had spent the night before after leaving the goth club in search of a Taco Bell blasting an old Drum and Bass Arena mix from 2000 going nuts, so I decided that I was gonna play some DnB that night and goddamn did it go over well, I think I ended up having 80% of my set be DnB and the kids went nuts. Hands down one of my favorite parties so far and up there with one of the best in the country. Next day I got to max on a disgusting burger with a cheese skirt:
part of the reason I’m turning into a fat fuck is I drink whiskey all fucking night then eat garbage like that, soon I’m gonna look like this guy:
I saw this guy while I was in Taco Bell getting my drive through diet on and hes the first person I’ve seen with one of those fucking gallon thermos cup things, it took him like 5 minutes to fill the fucking thing up at the fountain, WHAT A SICK FUCK!
speaking of sick fucks, saw these guys on the highway, and saw alot of billboards for these jokers too, they could put that shit to better use by turning into a taco truck and doing me a fucking favor and serving me tacos mid drive the same way those giant planes refuel jet fighters in mid air during long missions. DO ME THE FUCKING FAVOR!
heres a photo of Sleazemores cat hijacking my computer to finish this post.

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  1. nicoleee

    that’s a beautiful cat

    May 4, 2011 at 8:57 pm


    So I wonder what they will all do on May 21? Hopefully kill themselves.

    May 5, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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