First time I played Cleveland was when I was on tour with Digitalism as Guns’n’Bombs at Grog Shop. I immediately had a good opinion on Cleveland when I made a MySpace post (ancient) asking for someone to bring us sandwiches at the Cleveland show because we had eaten all the food on the bus and a kid showed up with a sack of PBnJ sandwiches that his mom had made for us, SO RAD! After the show I got to meet Brad who does the bookings there and he asked me to come back and play the club B-Side downstairs, which I never gotto do as GNB but I’ve been there 3 times as Deathface and every time its gotten better and better. This last time was probably the fullest and there was a group of girls with hula hoops and glow toys who Brad assured me were there for me because he’d never seen them at his night ever. Gotta say, I aint mad at hula hoop girls, love em, so fit! Anyway, the opening dj, Still Life, was awesome. Allow me to reiterate that I HATE WHEN THE OPENING DJ PLAYS NOTHING BUT BANGERS! Opening Dj is there to warm the room up, not to play every anthem they have so the headliner cant play them and Still Life did a great job of it, THANKS AGAIN! Party was great as usual and I got to test 2 new tracks out at the end, so if you were there and stuck til the end (which most of you did) you got to hear some new ones.

Next day was Philly, I love Philly because I love cheesesteaks and if you were wondering, I’m a Pats guy, fuck a bunch of Gino’s. Its also where I first heard 3ball being played by the one and only Dirty South Joe. I was sitting on a couch talking to a girl at the after AFTER party for the Mad Decent block party last year and he dropped an Erick Rincon track and I jumped up immediately and made the girl dance with me, so began my love affair with donkey music. Dell (of Dell + AC fame) was the MC and the man with the most inappropriate dj name and dear friend, Flufftronix, played right before me and played some heat that I HAD to ask him to give me after (its ok to ride a djs dick if hes friends with you, otherwise you look like a punk). This is one of 2 parties where I was bummed out that I didnt get way into it (read: drunk and stage dive) this time because I ate a GIANT burrito that had me about to fall asleep before I went on to dj (the other one was Memphis where I had the flu, god that party was so good) Also big shouts to PARTY STEVE who made an appearance, love that guy!

Next night was Throwed in Boston, everytime I’ve played here its been good too (are we seeing a trend) but this was the first time I got to play the Middle East downstairs, which is way bigger and better than upstairs and it was a total sweatbox fuckfest, I cant wait to go back and play it again! Also, fuck steampunk:

and finally, heres a photo of the pit in STLOUIS during FALL OF MAN, check the girl that rushes in in green angry as hell after the track is rewound:

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