From Beneath

From Beneath

From Beneath

Agent provocateur Johnny Love aka Deathface is back with a new eight-track EP that finally marries digital hardcore and industrial to the current hard and dark dubstep landscape. Picking up the torch where Atari Teenage Riot, Big Black, Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy left off, From Beneath is an album-length mosh pit fueled by teen angst and trolling, by Tumblr goths and Magic the Gathering, by cracked plug-ins and the finest computer distortion money can buy.

This EP isn’t a dubstep DJ tool – it’s a full-on punk rock record, one that will be backed by a 10+ city tour (with new vocalist Effy) alongside artists such as White Ring. Following his breathtaking The Horror and Fall of Man EPs, this record most fully encapsulates Johnny’s relentless live shows, which are practically death metal concerts in their intensity, ferocity and raw power. Prepare to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.

From Beneath is not for everyone, but fans of brutal and uncompromising soundscapes will be in heaven. The title track sounds like Pantera brought up in the internet age, with a raging soundtrack of gunshot drums and squalling guitars. Stripped-down trance meets naked aggression on “Light as a Feather” while demons head-bang through the creepy-catchy hardcore anthem “Black Magick White Drugs.” “Prince of the East” is a digital blood-spatter, the perfect soundtrack to gunning down entire armies on Xbox Live, while “Slaughter Pact” is a dance of dark, light and chainsaws that will send parents running for the Parental Advisory sticker.

Dust off your trench coats and jack boots – it’s going to be a black, black summer.

Released on July 17, 2012


Deathface – From Beneath EP by Trouble & Bass

Black Magick White Drugs
From Beneath
Light as a Feather
Slaughter Pact
I Will be the Killer
Fountain of Youth
Prince of the East (iTunes Exclusive)
Body Count feat. Star Eyes (iTunes Exclusive)