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» The Horror Deathface

The Horror



Deathface, straight from the bowels of the deepest darkest hell has risen to bring Trouble & Bass his first official EP, The Horror. If you’re not familiar with Deathface, then he is better known as Johnny Love, one half of the now defunct Guns ‘n Bombs, who in the past year has basically reinvented his sound into a more darker, dirtier and almost demonic dubstep sound.

In this EP Deathface brings us 5 original tracks that he whipped up in 2010. Already touring nationwide and beyond, while getting support from the likes of Laidback Luke, Drop The Lime and god knows who else dares to play these tracks.

This EP will leave you blown away, to bits. Some of the most head bangingest dubstep tracks we’ve heard in a while now. Dare we say, death metal dubstep meets hardcore rave?

Released on May 11th, 2010





The Horror
Murder Sound
Theme to Deathface
The Mentalist
We Still Kill the Old Way

DEATHFACE — THE HORROR EP Promo from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

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