First time I played Cleveland was when I was on tour with Digitalism as Guns’n’Bombs at Grog Shop. I immediately had a good opinion on Cleveland when I made a MySpace post (ancient) asking for someone to bring us sandwiches at the Cleveland show because we had eaten all the food on the bus and a kid showed up with a sack of PBnJ sandwiches that his mom had made for us, SO RAD! After the show I got to meet Brad who does the bookings there and he asked me to come back and play the club B-Side downstairs, which I never gotto do as GNB but I’ve been there 3 times as Deathface and every time its gotten better and better. This last time was probably the fullest and there was a group of girls with hula hoops and glow toys who Brad assured me were there for me because he’d never seen them at his night ever. Gotta say, I aint mad at hula hoop girls, love em, so fit! Anyway, the opening dj, Still Life, was awesome. Allow me to reiterate that I HATE WHEN THE OPENING DJ PLAYS NOTHING BUT BANGERS! Opening Dj is there to warm the room up, not to play every anthem they have so the headliner cant play them and Still Life did a great job of it, THANKS AGAIN! Party was great as usual and I got to test 2 new tracks out at the end, so if you were there and stuck til the end (which most of you did) you got to hear some new ones.

Next day was Philly, I love Philly because I love cheesesteaks and if you were wondering, I’m a Pats guy, fuck a bunch of Gino’s. Its also where I first heard 3ball being played by the one and only Dirty South Joe. I was sitting on a couch talking to a girl at the after AFTER party for the Mad Decent block party last year and he dropped an Erick Rincon track and I jumped up immediately and made the girl dance with me, so began my love affair with donkey music. Dell (of Dell + AC fame) was the MC and the man with the most inappropriate dj name and dear friend, Flufftronix, played right before me and played some heat that I HAD to ask him to give me after (its ok to ride a djs dick if hes friends with you, otherwise you look like a punk). This is one of 2 parties where I was bummed out that I didnt get way into it (read: drunk and stage dive) this time because I ate a GIANT burrito that had me about to fall asleep before I went on to dj (the other one was Memphis where I had the flu, god that party was so good) Also big shouts to PARTY STEVE who made an appearance, love that guy!

Next night was Throwed in Boston, everytime I’ve played here its been good too (are we seeing a trend) but this was the first time I got to play the Middle East downstairs, which is way bigger and better than upstairs and it was a total sweatbox fuckfest, I cant wait to go back and play it again! Also, fuck steampunk:

and finally, heres a photo of the pit in STLOUIS during FALL OF MAN, check the girl that rushes in in green angry as hell after the track is rewound:


So 5 years ago, I moved out of Chicago when the heat from the cops got to be too much and i couldnt get away with throwing illegal drug and alcohol fueled italo disco acid house electro teen sex parties and went to LA. Ever since I left everytime I’ve gone back to play a party its been awful, with the sole exceptions of when I was on tour with Digitalism (and even then the crowd didnt move) and when I went back for Christmas and played a party at Liars Club in around 07. Most of my friends moved out before the city went to complete shit, kinda like how animals can sense a coming earthquake, but some of my best friends and family still lived there, so I was forced to have to go back and keep trying to find a good party to play. Now, its pretty common knowledge that I talk a ton of trash on Chicago but I want to clarify that its not because I hate it, far from it, I love Chicago, I love the pizza, the italian beefs, the vienna beef sausages, the skyline, i love walking into bars I used to go to and seeing familiar faces and them knowing my drink order before I make it to the bar, i love that in the summer its still hot as fuck at night so we can break into the pool in bucktown and swim around and not die from the cold after. The way I feel about Chicago is disappointment, because at one point I thought, with 100% confidence, that I lived in the best city in the world. I remember the first time The Cobrasnake came to Chicago to photograph a party at the Jerkstore (RIP) he told me he’d never seen anything like it, and people still to this day (last night while i was watching the Bulls game in a bar in Brooklyn being the most recent) have people come up to me telling me they miss the Jerkstore days, yet something happened to Chicago where sure, I’m sure there are parties that are still “fun” but its generic fun, its like the urban outfitters ironic tshirt brand of fun, the “look at me chugging a can of pbr hurry up and take a photo” fun. That said, when I played for Furthersound on the 13th, and there were actually people there, and people dancing, and people excited, and people who knew the tracks, I was ELATED, easily the best party I’ve played in Chicago in 5 years, and as a bonus, they even put me in a suite in the Hilton downtown, which was completely unnecessary because I know so many people I can crash with in Chicago, so what did I do since I had the sweet hotel room? I had an impromptu New Phyrexia draft with my friends and ordered pizza, MAD NERD STATUS! I also ended up stage diving during Bloodrave, didnt see that one coming.

Lets rewind to the tuesday before all this where I played Iowa City. The first time I got hit up to do Iowa City I was pretty skeptical, I mean, really, Iowa city? I remember showing up at 10.30 and it being completely empty, my friend and I leaving to kill time at the hotel, coming back at 11.45 and as I’m walking down the stairs I’m saying “alright, im ready for this to be completely empty” and when I got to the bottom I saw that the entire room was full. Every time I’ve gone back has been great but the real reason I go back is because of this pizza spot called Mesa Pizza where they come up with the most retarded pizzas, this time I had a Buffalo chicken and blue cheese pizza and a southwestern beef with guacamole instead of sauce, fffffffffffff:

Back to the party, every damn time, Iowa City is great, probably because its a college town, or maybe because they make sweet flyers like this:
Look at that graphic design, its so POST MODERN! Also we always get put up in the best of accomodations, THE ILLUSTRIOUS DAYS INN OF CORALVILLE IOWA! I actually snorted 2ce for the first time at that spot the the last time I played after a particularly wild night at the party and ended up walking to the lobby to get a bucket of ice while thinking that there was blood gushing out of my face and i was growing gills on my arms. But enough about my ex-wife. The other thing I love about going to Iowa is I get to stop at the WORLDS BIGGEST TRUCKSTOP to get some sweet wolf Tshirts:
Onto the gig in St. Louis, which was also thrown by FurtherSound. My boy Brandon S who runs it told me “YO JOHNNY! Chicago is the preparty, St. Louis is where its really at” and after being on the road for so long I’ve found that the best parties are definetly no longer in the “primary markets” and STL was no exception, holy shit. I played with Oblivion here and in Chicago and we ended up doing a joint crowd surf during BLOODRAVE (again) and at the end of my set when I dropped FALL OF MAN, from the first sound of the bell tolling the circle pit opened up, I tried to get a photo of this dude who split his elbow open in the pit but it was super blurry, but here it is anyway:
I also found the car i owned when I was 16:
Last but not least, a hippie babe (what?) taught me how to hula hoop (all you have to do is thrust back and forth, hey im good at that!) and I got a video of Oblivion gettin his hoop on:


I always have a good time when I go to Oklahoma City, somehow this town keeps producing kids I like, John Bourke, Chad from Kids at the Bar, Katie and Brian from Crystal Vision (I totally forgot the shirt you guys gave me on your couch, fuck, I also found a taco bell salsa packet in my boot the next morning). Anyway, Oklahoma City is great, I dont understand how it happened, but these guys have had a successful party for something like 4 years at a goddamn deli, and they just got a FunctionOne soundsystem put in there, in a deli, think about that. OKC is also where I debuted “Gift of Fury” after working on it while driving through the New Mexico desert (it cleared the floor) something like 2 years ago. As you can tell from the above photo, they came around to Deathface. I once again opened with an unreleased Deathface track and the reaction was 100% different. OKC also has War Paint Clothing which is one of the coolest stores I’ve been to, and once again, doesnt make sense that is in a place like OKC (though i guess it sorta does). Heres a photo of the proprietor Derrick:

Next was what feels like my second hometown, Kansas City, another place where alot of cool kids (Albert from Ssion/fire4effekt, Iggy/Norrit, Craig “The Only Jew In KC” Klein, Philip Beretta, BOTNET, etc etc) come from. It makes alot of sense that Google is choosing Kansas City to be its test market for the fastest internet ever because I feel like all my KC friends were somehow created on the internet and magically given physical form, and I get the feeling that they’re all still uncomfortable in their false skin. I also feel like these kids kept up the bloodline of my Jerkstore parties back in Chicago (along with Too Much Love in MPLS) so I feel like we’re all related, in a fucked up cousins sort of way. Unfortunately BOTNET no longer exists so I wasnt able to play that, though Tactic came through with a party at Czarbar and the BOTNET hivemind threw an after party in a theater after, where I was given a single poisoned Jolly Rancher by a rave fae that gave me the flu. Somewhere in there we stopped to get a burger at Town Topic, which employs literal OGRE WOMEN to take your order, heres a gratuitous photo of handsome Craig enjoying the last bit of his burger:

Next was Memphis, the site of another planned blood bath party where I’d already played twice for the ELECTROCITY dudes (who are awesome). First time I played in Memphis was last August where it was so hot I looked like I had gone swimming in my clothes after I was done DJing (thats fucking gross). Each time I’ve been there its been awesome, and this time didnt disappoint either:
There were kids chanting “WE WANT BLOOD!” and most of the kids were wearing white and when the blood was unleashed the first 6 rows of kids were doused. I’m glad that the blood bath theme has gone from my friends and I on stage covered in blood to the entire fucking crowd, also glad I didnt have to get covered in blood while I had the flu (pussy) and wash that shit out of my hair (diva). The promoters did a good job of letting the kids know what the fuck was gonna go down so everyone was ready and willing, I think it’ll probably make it easier for most of the parties I play to become blood baths after this. Next day we drove around flooded Memphis and passed this fucking thing:
I should’ve taken an irreverent photo infront of it. Next time.


APRIL 2011


Where were you when it was announced that Bin Laden was dead? (nevermind that hes probably been dead since 2002 and this is a whole big conspiracy theory that the illuminati have concocted in order keep us blinded to reality). I was eating tacos at a gas station in Dallas that was voted to have the best tacos in the state (or republic, depends how Texan you are). Best part about the whole experience was that a bum walked in and immediately gravitated towards me and instead of asking me for money, pointed to the Washington Monument behind Wolf Blitzer and said “do you know what that is?” “an obelisk” “yes its from egypt, the pharoahs are controlling the world, they are devil worshippers” and that was just the beginning of it, dude was way into conspiracy theories, love that guy. But speaking of tacos, lets rewind to the Friday before in Phoenix:

El Gallo Blanco (The White Cock) inside the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix has some of the best tacos I’ve had outside of Mexico, theyre so good I tell everyone go to there when they’re in Phoenix, I converted B.Rich to its deliciousness and went so far as to not talk to Jubilee for about a month after she spent a week in Phoenix and ignored both of us telling her to eat there. Pretty sure I didnt start talking to her again until she went back to Phoenix and actually did go have the tacos and tweeted at both of us saying that the tacos were the best shes ever had. I still dont like her because shes short, that weirds me out. Anyway, I played for old pal William Reed in Phoenix at Bar Smith, where I’ve played about 3 or 4 times and this time was the best one (THANKS WILLIAM!) Best part was that both William and I were both apprehensive about how the crowd would take a dubstep set, especially since Parallels has just played a live set (great nu italo biznizz), so he threw on a local kid who played electro bangers for 30 minutes to warm the crowd back up, then I go on and within 2 songs I see kids thrashing around and headbanging where 10 minutes earlier what they were doing could probably be best described as “gently grooving”. Things got wilder when I went into DnB (again, im hooked) so thanks to Phoenix for making me feel like an idiot for underestimating them. (I was joking about hating Jubilee I love her).

Back to Dallas, saw this fucking Naluark outside the club I was playing for the Broken Teeth kids, who also have the distinction of owning a real life Garfield who I forgot to take a photo of with a Stoffers Lasagna, oh well, maybe next time. Last time I played for a Broken Teeth associated party was during SXSW for the Trouble & Bass Showcase at Barcelona which was my favorite show of the year so far:

Got to spend 3 days with Mike and Jade from Broken Teeth where they made us eat a vegan cult restaurant where we had to watch propaganda on loop and dine under the potrait of the SUPREME MASTER:
Seriously though, this is the 2nd cult that I’ve encountered that encourages all its followers to be vegans, the first one was the I Am Temple which is totally fucked as well, I’m gonna start a BBQ cult, all you have to do is not order the McRib at Mcdonalds and know the differences between Memphis, KC, Carolina, and Texas BBQ and youre in. You also have to beat up vegans, no I’m kidding, I have plenty of vegan friends (jk). Dallas party was fun, though I had to suffer watching the Lakers lose against the Mavericks right before I went on. The next day we had a day trip to Austin because Crass was playing, which meant one thing for me: MORE RUDYS BBQ. Met up with King Louie and Orien from the Peligrosa fam, went to Rudys, then bar hopped til Mike and Jade got out of the Crass show and drove back to Dallas that night, on the way down I got this sick photo op:

dont be jealous


I love San Francisco a lot because its reminds me of Chicago, lots of good places to eat and have a good cocktail, but less fat people (also, alot more asians, nowhere is perfect). Didnt get to play in SF because I made the mistake of trying to work with a rave promoter up there (avoid it) but decided to head up to hang anyway so I could get down on my favorite burrito in the country (El Tesoro on leavensworth and o’farrell) and hangout with Sleazemore and fellow mall goth Star Eyes.

We spent 4 days eating and drinking, found an awesome bar in the Tenderloin called Mr. Lews Win Win Bar where I imbibed on many a fancy $7 cocktail of which contents I dont recall because I had too good of a time, though I highly recommend you go there if youre ever in SF. Also got to hit up an authentic goth party with Star Eyes where they actually played her request of Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia, My Reflection and I was forced to dust off the old goth kick dance that I learned from hanging out at Neo in Chicago when I still had to use a fake ID (dont judge me)

Still bums me out that most of the “Goths” (read: rivetheads) I see out in public are actually giant nerds that wear pants with too many pockets, though I did spot an awesome dude in an all PVC pseudo Nazi outfit, so jealous. Another cool thing is that I’m pretty sure that its the only subculture that doesnt judge you for dressing like a complete moron and dancing around like youre a 3 year old, as was evidenced when I saw some frat bros wander (in by mistake, catch the reference, cmon) into the club drunk, get on stage, and try to pop lock, everyone kept dancing around them like nothing was amiss. Anyway, enough of this bullshit and lets get to the actual show in Sacramento, which was fucking awesome:
I heard about this party from Jillionaire (who knows how he found out about it, he hates white people and therefore hates brostep, I think hes fronting so he can still bone white chicks, but I digress) who put me in contact with DJ Whores who runs this party and goddamn, this party was fucking BANANAS! (as is evidenced by the photo at the top of the post, check out that girls bass face!). Star Eyes and I had spent the night before after leaving the goth club in search of a Taco Bell blasting an old Drum and Bass Arena mix from 2000 going nuts, so I decided that I was gonna play some DnB that night and goddamn did it go over well, I think I ended up having 80% of my set be DnB and the kids went nuts. Hands down one of my favorite parties so far and up there with one of the best in the country. Next day I got to max on a disgusting burger with a cheese skirt:
part of the reason I’m turning into a fat fuck is I drink whiskey all fucking night then eat garbage like that, soon I’m gonna look like this guy:
I saw this guy while I was in Taco Bell getting my drive through diet on and hes the first person I’ve seen with one of those fucking gallon thermos cup things, it took him like 5 minutes to fill the fucking thing up at the fountain, WHAT A SICK FUCK!
speaking of sick fucks, saw these guys on the highway, and saw alot of billboards for these jokers too, they could put that shit to better use by turning into a taco truck and doing me a fucking favor and serving me tacos mid drive the same way those giant planes refuel jet fighters in mid air during long missions. DO ME THE FUCKING FAVOR!
heres a photo of Sleazemores cat hijacking my computer to finish this post.


The above photo has nothing to do with any of my gigs in LA but its a pretty funny photo of myself and my old roommate Paparazzi djing as “Los Loboz” for Cinco De Mayo a few years back (which explains the all over print and garishly colored headphones). What reminded me of this is one of the shows I played in LA was for The Electric Friends dudes at the Standard in West Hollywood, where I was booked to play under my christian name, Johnny Love. I got to play 3ball, cumbia, etc (under the umbrella term of dronkey music) to a bunch of drunk white women, which works exceedingly well because as I have discovered, that shit is like dubstep for girls. Put on some kind of latin-y percussion or rhythm and girls start going nuts, its like catnip for vaginas. My record as “Johnny Love” is coming out on T&A next month but 2 of the tracks on the forthcoming EP were featured on the Takeover compilation which you can listen to here:
Takeover by T&ARecords
Anyone who recently discovered me might be confused by the completely different tracks from Deathface that these are, but, I’m a DJ first and foremost (well, maybe a degenerate first and foremost, but thats neither here nor there) and if you only listen to one style of music you’re cheating yourself. Its like kids that say “i listen to everything but country” when country (pre nashville glam bs) is actually completely fucking awesome. Anyway, LA for 2 weeks was fun, I got to play hardstyle at an actual rave in downtown LA, got to play my favorite party in the country DANCE at the Arena, and didnt take any photos because I got too drunk every goddamn night and ended up throwing up in my friend car after making the mistake of ordering chicken florentine crepes at IHOP (wtf).

Decided on a whim to drive out to Palm Springs for the sunday T&B pool party at the Ace Hotel where the fucking Naluark followed me again, (I’ve seen that fucking squid 3 times on this trip, whats the deal). Also got to debut my confederate flag shorts at a pool party (previous appearance in Houston prompted a dude to tell my my shorts were offensive) where I got tons of compliments, including from 2 black dudes and I was photographed by Victorias Secret scouts who were there to document what was going to be “in” for next season, so keep an eye out for when the fight for states rights comes to a boutique near you, it will have been all my fault, if only I could find a photo of this shit, oh well, heres a photo of The Captain looking like a goblin in the hot tub for good measure:

Also if you ever find yourself inebriated past 2am in Los Angeles and feel the desire for some dim sum, go to Won Kok in Chinatown where you’ll be greeted by the man who Drop the Lime stole his haircut from. We all know, when you get that late night craving, Won Kok is all you need.


I first had the pleasure of going to Dub Dorado about 3 months ago when I also got to meet fellow Magic: The Gathering player Dillon Francis. The party was great, the drinks were delicious (get a Mule whenever you go to El Dorado), and the promoter, Mr. Biggs, was awesome, so I couldnt wait to come and DJ the party myself. Needless to say, the party didnt disappoint, and they went all out and made it a bloodbath


more party photos can be found on Paparazzis website here


I was told that I should have more on my site than just my tour diary so every Monday I’ll be posting a song that I’m a fan of and/or has influenced my taste today. The first entry I’m picking after having been at the Trouble & Bass pool party out in Palm Springs for Coachella, its the perfect summer song.

Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia


First stop of the driving out west leg of the tour was in Hattiesburg Mississippi. I learned awhile ago not to underestimate playing in towns I’d never heard of/thought had a “scene” and this was no exception. Party got rammed and kids were really into the tunes, though I think I scared some of em with Fall of Man.

The venue was also pretty sick, apparently the owners parents own a scrap yard and he gets first picks of all the random cool shit people throw away, like that pillar in the first image that the speakers were sitting on. I also drank some bullshit ass moonshine that I found out after the fact they carry in liquor stores, BORING. Though the next day in New Orleans I had some amazing “Cat Daddy Moonshine” at a restaurant called Cochon, highly recommend.

Next stop New Orleans, probably my new favorite city in America in terms of how cool the whole city looks. There is seriously no city that I’ve been to in the world that looks like NOLA, makes me wanna move there if their airport didnt suck and it wasnt so fucking humid, CHECK OUT THAT FUCKING CAT BUILDING! The party itself was in a bar called The Saint, which is pretty rad as far as dive bar type joints go, the gig itself was ruined by a crazed 40 something year old fan who kept punching me and slapping me for a. not tweeting back at her b. not replying to her facebook messages c. taking a drink while she was trying to take a photo of me and i can only assume d. not wanting to sleep with her. Remind me to travel with a bodyguard.

Also got to talk some shit on WLUT for about an hour before I had to dj, I somehow managed not to curse or say anything too disparaging about anyone.

Love to the Rhythm Killers for the party!

The drive from New Orleans to Houston was made infinitely better by the presence of the daquiris we picked up in this sweet ass drive through. I somehow forgot to take photos in Houston, but I got to play in a converted firehouse that my comrade Drop the Lime recommended I try to play in. Party was pretty rad except for the fact that one of the opening djs played BLOODRAVE, seriously, locals/openers learn how to warm up a room, playing every banger in your crate, ESPECIALLY THE TRACK THAT THE GUY HEADLINING THE PARTY MADE, is a really fucking bad look, youre not impressing people, and promoters, QUIT BOOKING THESE PEOPLE TO OPEN. The sign of a great dj was exhibited by my old houston friend Damon Allen who played a sick techno set right before I had to go on. Also some killer djs playing some great Italo disco cuts out on the back area made me glad that people still give a shit about other music, so big ups to the Ceeplusknives crew in Houston for repping shit hard.

We drove the next 2 days from Houston to LA and the Naluark followed us, fucking prick, LEAVE ME ALONE!